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Every Word is a Song
Every Step is a Dance

   Sound is present in our lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. It is all-pervading. Because sound influences our being and well-being in multiple ways, it matters what kind of sound we let enter our ears and possibly our hearts. There are three broad categories of sounds: Natural sounds, human sounds and industrial sounds.

   Natural sounds include those produced by the elements, such as water and air, or non-human creatures like birds, bees, dogs or dolphins. Some of these sounds we may perceive as soothing and pleasant, like waterfalls, rain, ocean waves, wind rustling in trees or chirping birds, whereas others could be frightening like thunder, the roaring of a lion or the howling of a wolf. Or some natural sounds can be a nuisance, like the barking of dogs.

   Sound has an impact, and this impact is perceived by conscious living beings, both human and non-human. Generally, we perceive harmonious and structured sound as pleasant, whereas chaotic or unstructured, random sound is felt as unpleasant. Such sounds we call noise. Examples are sounds coming from machines like motors or turbines. Natural and industrial sounds are generally beyond our control. We are exposed to them, whether we like it or not. Human sound is quite different. For example, words spoken in a conversation may be pleasant or unpleasant, depending who say what and how. Sometimes we feel pleased by what somebody says, and other times we may feel deeply hurt by unkind words, especially when they come from a loved one. In extreme cases, harsh words can be like heavy blows that pierce the heart like arrows and leave deep wounds for the rest of our lives.

   The human voice is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds and express a wide range of emotions. Even instrumental music produced by a human being can stir various emotional responses, such as joy, sorrow, fear, hope, anger and love. In fact, love (and a broken heart) is the main theme of millions of songs. We are all yearning for true, everlasting love, but in this world it is destined to end. Even if it lasts a whole life-time (75 years and beyond in some exceptional cases), death will break it. Then we look for relief, to become healed again. An expert psychologist may give us some relief, but that kind of therapy cannot provide a permanent solution. As long as we are in the material world, encaged in a material body, we are afflicted by the duality of love and hate, joy and sadness.


   What to do? The definite, permanent solution can be found on the spiritual plane. If we nurture our real self, the soul, by reconnecting with the Supreme Soul, true healing will take place. The easiest way to do this is by sound therapy. Spiritual sound vibration is so powerful that it can change our life. Spiritual sound has a direct impact on our entire being: the physical body, the subtle body and the soul. Spiritual sound has the power to uplift and free the soul from material bondage.The more we focus our mind on pure spiritual vibrations, our internal vision will become clear and we will be able to see our true identity.

   The ultimate benefit of hearing sacred sound is the re-awakening of our original consciousness, Krishna consciousness, and with it the surge of pure love. Pure love of God is eternally present in the heart of every living creature, but at present it is hidden behind the curtain of material conceptions. Spiritual sound vibration can lift that curtain and reveal our true being. The songs contained in our song book Sacred Song Symphony are not ordinary poetry conceived by mundane artists. They express the vision and understanding of self-realized, liberated souls who can help conditioned souls like us to rise to the same level of transcendental consciousness and existence.

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